How To Clean And Maintain Solid Wood Bedroom Furniture Sets

22 May 2023
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If you have a solid wood custom bedroom furniture set, it's important to properly clean and maintain it to keep it looking its best. Since custom wood furniture is typically durable and long-lasting, it can stay in your family for generations with a little tender loving care.

Custom wood bedroom furniture sets consist of any combination of bed frames and matching headboards, nightstands, desks, and dressers. The sets will give your bedroom a cohesive look as they are all constructed of the same type of wood and feature similar details, such as hardware and engraving. 

Depending on your preference and budget, choose the type of wood that best fits your overall decor style. For instance, if you prefer furniture made of rich, dark wood, go with cherry or mahogany. If a lighter, blonde wood is more your style, choose a furniture set constructed of maple or oak. 

No matter what type of wood your bedroom set is constructed of, here are some ways to maintain it.

1. Dust and Clean Regularly 

The most important thing you can do to ensure the furniture's longevity is to dust and clean it regularly. Soak up any spills immediately using a soft, absorbent cloth, such as a chamois, or a sponge to avoid damaging the surface. 

Avoid setting wet items on the nightstand or dresser, which can leave unsightly marks. If you have drinks in the bedroom, place them on coasters to prevent moisture damage. 

Depending on how busy your household is and if you have kids and pets, dust and clean the wood bedroom furniture on either a daily or weekly basis. Remove any dirt or dust, such as animal dander, using a feather duster or by wiping it down with a microfiber cloth.

If you need to remove food particles, fingerprints, or dirt, use a cleaner designed for use on your particular type of wood. Work the cleaner gently into the wood using a soft cloth for a quick wipe-down.

2. Polish the Wood

In addition to keeping your bedroom furniture clean and dust-free, polish it either bi-weekly or monthly to maintain its natural luster and to provide protection from everyday wear and tear, such as fingerprints. 

Again, purchase a polish, such as a restoring oil, designed specifically for your type of wood for best results. Work the polish onto the wood surface according to the manufacturer's recommendations. To help maintain the wood's luster and natural coloring, try to keep the furniture out of direct sunlight.

For more information on custom wood bedroom furniture, contact a professional near you.