Why You Should Read In A Chair Instead Of In Bed

20 March 2023
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When a lot of people read, they do so in bed. There's no denying that this environment can be cozy, but it isn't without its challenges. If you've recently become an avid reader and you're thinking about the furniture you wish to use for long reading sessions, a comfortable chair can be a good option. Furniture stores carry all sorts of large chairs that are suitable for reading; some stores even refer to these chairs as reading chairs. Here are some reasons that you should think about reading in a chair instead of in bed. 

No Association With Sleep

As soon as a lot of people climb into bed, they start to get tired. This is because their body associates this piece of furniture with sleeping. It can be frustrating to plan a long reading session in the evening, only to feel ready to turn the lights out just a short time after you get into bed. Reading in a chair is a good idea because your body doesn't associate chairs with sleeping. You'll often find that you can read for longer when you're seated in a chair than when you're lying in bed.

Better Back Support

Some people find that sitting upright in bed to read will eventually cause back discomfort. If you're already the type of person who suffers from a sore back at times, you may find that this posture simply doesn't work well for you. While it's sometimes possible to create a comfortable space by using pillows and rolled-up blankets, this process can be a hassle when you just want to get reading. Sitting in a comfortable chair, however, will provide much better support for your back. This should allow you to read for as long as you'd like without getting uncomfortable.

Less Arm And Shoulder Fatigue

When you read in bed, you'll often find that your arms and shoulders can get tired from holding your book up. The exact feeling you experience depends on how you position your body, but this fatigue can be an issue for lots of people. It can be better to read in a chair because this piece of furniture has armrests. Placing your elbows on the armrests while you hold the book in front of you will allow your shoulders and arms to relax more, which will result in a more enjoyable experience.

Visit a furniture store to browse its selection of reading chairs.