Three Popular Glass Dining Table Options

13 February 2023
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If you're looking to give your dining room a modern overhaul, a good place to start is by buying a new table. Many furniture stores carry all sorts of dining tables, including several that have a modern style. While there are all sorts of designs to evaluate, you may find that glass tables stick out as being a good candidate for your home. Glass dining tables are available in several sizes and shapes, allowing you to choose a product that suits the size of your usual dinner guests. While a clear glass table might be appealing, here are some other options to think about.


There are all sorts of glass dining tables on the market that have a frosted appearance. Some people like this style because it looks clean. If you like the idea of a glass table but don't always want to be fully aware of peoples' legs and feet beneath the table, a frosted finish can help. It offers somewhat of an airy look that can work well, without making the area below the table quite as visible. If you have a china cabinet in the dining room with frosted windows, a frosted table can be a perfect visual fit.


You can expect to also see a variety of glass dining tables that have tinted glass. The tint of the glass can vary a lot, which means that you shouldn't have trouble finding a look that will work well in your dining room. If you like your dining room to have a dark and warm look, you might consider a glass table that is tinted brown. If you want to have this piece of furniture offer a lighter hue, take a look at the options that have light blue or light green tinted glass.


If you want to give your dining room an ultra-modern look that perhaps includes a few futuristic design elements, consider using a mirrored glass dining table. As its name indicates, this table has a reflective glass surface that some people find appealing. With the right placemats and place settings, you can create a visually stunning table setup in advance of having guests for dinner. If the furniture store you visit has multiple mirrored glass tables, you may find that the look of the finish can vary a little. For example, some mirrored finishes are slightly blue, while others have a smoky finish.

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