Three Handy Features To Have In A Bedside Table

6 January 2023
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Your bedside table provides plenty of value in your primary bedroom, offering space on top for your various personal items and storage space below for books, magazines, and other items. When you're shopping for a bedside table, it can be worthwhile to see which products offer additional features that you'll likely find handy in the years ahead. You might be surprised at how many diverse features are available on this piece of furniture, especially when you shop at a store that carries a large inventory. Here are three handy features to look for when you buy a bedside table.

Charging Station

It's almost certain that you'll keep your cellphone on your bedside table overnight, and you may also occasionally use this piece of furniture to store a tablet, e-reader, or even a laptop computer. One handy feature that you'll want your bedside table to have is a charging station. This feature is available in many bedside tables and can either appear on the top of the table or tucked in the top drawer. While these stations can vary, they generally have multiple USB charging ports — allowing you to charge up your devices while you sleep so that they're ready to use in the morning.

Pull-Out Tray

When you look at a number of bedside tables, you may come across some models that feature a pull-out tray. This feature is just as it sounds — it's a thin tray that is positioned just below the table top and slides out to offer more storage space. You'll likely pull the tray out at different times. For example, if you're snacking in bed, you can pull on the tray to hold the plate so that it doesn't interfere with the items you have on the bedside table top.

Non-Scratch Top

Bedside tables are available in all sorts of different materials, and it can be fun to look for something that will work well in your bedroom. You'll see some tables that have a non-scratch top, and this can be another valuable feature. Over time, the top of a bedside table that doesn't have this feature can become damaged due to contact with hard objects. For example, if you toss your car keys onto the bedside table each night, scratches and chips could eventually occur. This won't be something that you have to worry about when you choose a bedside table that has a non-scratch top. 

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