Do's And Don'ts For Designing A Break Room Employees Will Love

19 September 2022
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The break room in your office or business is an important part of employee happiness and well-being. But it rarely gets the attention it deserves during planning and outfitting. What can you do to help your employees enjoy their break room and find it a place to refresh and recharge? Here are a few dos and don'ts.

1. Do Make It Private

First, don't place the break or lunch area in the middle of the workspace. Not only does this cause additional disruption and noise for those working, but it also discourages true relaxation while on break. Designate a private area — preferably with a door — and add furnishings and dividers to help buffer it in visual and audio terms. 

2. Don't Clutter It Up

Keep things simple when designing the break room. Start with the minimum needed for practicality — such as a counter, appliances, storage, and tables with chairs. Then, add other features only after careful consideration. Simplicity keeps things cleaner and prevents people from feeling boxed in or anxious by unnecessary clutter. 

3. Do Add Entertainment

A clean and simple environment doesn't mean it should be sterile. Encourage people to enjoy this space, since they're its customers. What entertainment options would they like? Do they want a television to catch a bit of the local game? A foosball table or dart board? Bookshelves with light reading? Workspaces where college students can catch up on studies during lunch? Personalize things. 

4. Don't Forget Cleanliness

Employees want a clean and sanitary place to eat meals or handle other personal business. Choose furnishings that are sturdy and stain-resistant as well as easy to clean. Use wall-mounted storage or shelves when possible in order to reduce obstacles on the floor. Find ways to have comfortable seating without delicate fabrics which won't stand up to the test of time. 

5. Do Outfit It for Gatherings

The break room is likely to serve as an unofficial base for office gatherings like birthday parties, holiday events, informal company meetings, and even entertaining visitors. So make sure it's large enough and can be converted into a comfortable space for group activities. This may include a variety of flexible seating and table arrangements, plenty of clear workspace, and storage for seasonal supplies.

Where to Start 

Ready to start crafting a break room that everyone will enjoy? Begin by touring the inventory of options at an office furniture supplier near you. With their help and your employees' input, you'll soon have a great spot for the business and its valuable employees.