3 Ways To Increase Hotel Guest Room Storage Options With Furniture

16 May 2023
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When guests come to stay at your hotel, they will likely want a lot of storage options for their items. Along with a closet and dresser, you can offer extra storage needs to supply guests with plenty of space to unpack items and stay completely organized while they book a stay at your hotel.

Check out some of the ways to use new furniture purchases to increase their storage options and give guests a lot of convenient ways to stay organized while on vacation.

1. End Tables

Along with a full-sized dresser, an end table with drawers can provide extra storage options and quick access to your items. The drawers provide bedside options for guests including access to reading glasses, cell phones, books, prescription medications, or sleeping aids like a sleep mask.

Instead of leaving all of those items on a table-top area, you can get the most out of an end table drawer and reduce the amount of clutter a guest deals with while they are on vacation.

2. High-Rise Bed Frames

When guests stay at a hotel, suitcases and other luggage can take up a lot of space within the room. Provide an easy way to tuck away some of the luggage with the use of a high-rise bed frame. A bed frame with more room underneath will make it easier to slide the luggage underneath.

With the under-bed storage area, guests can easily navigate around the room and have space to move around with ease. The under-bed storage can also provide a space for extra food and drinks. For example, a person may purchase a pack of water to use on their trip. They could store the whole pack under the bed and out of the way.

3. Workstations

If you host a lot of business workers at your hotel, then consider workstation areas with extra storage options. Workstation drawers can hold extra supplies like pens, notepads, chargers, and devices that guests use for business.

If they need to complete work in the hotel room, then they can have an organized space that allows them to complete tasks and have a proper work area for a few days. Workstations may include a few smaller drawers or one big drawer to store items. Choose a workstation that fits well in a hotel room and still has storage options.

Guests will appreciate the extra storage options, even if they don't use it all. Purchase some custom hotel furniture to upgrade rooms and make positive changes. For more information on hotel furniture, contact a company near you.